Parenting tips for Monsoons

For parents of young kids Monsoons are an exhausting season as kids are truly defenseless and inclined to getting sick during this season. Thus it becomes really important to take necessary precautions to keep your kids healthy. Here are a few steps that guardians can pursue to keep their children secured and sound even in the heavy downpours:

Send Your Kids Outside in Appropriate Clothing: It is quite impossible to keep your kids home all the time it rains but you can definitely keep a check on what they wear when they go outside. Ensure that you have sent them in the correct clothing and rainstorm gears such as waterproof raincoats, umbrellas, rubber boots etc.

Keep your Home Clean: Mosquitoes that breed in still water are the reason for some major diseases, for example, dengue and malaria fever. This is the reason you should keep your homes clean and do not keep water stored in open for long.

Keep Your Neighborhood and Surroundings Clean: Little rodents and bugs search for safe house to get away from the downpour, so it’s significant that your neighborhood or surroundings’ are kept clean as well as your home. Since these little critters are known to spread illnesses and you don’t need them going around your home and making hurt your kids. In case if you have lawns, garden spaces or even a terrace garden outside your home keep it maintained so that the water do not lodge.

Use Monsoon Proof Windows and Doors: Even if you somehow successes in keeping your kids at home having water seepage inside your home is a major concern, I faced the same issue with my wooden windows last Monsoon and then opted uPVC windows in Delhi. Most of the water seepage happens through windows and doors so you need to ensure that those are in perfect conditions. uPVC windows and doors are considered to be rain proof and can be easily installed by almost all uPVC windows manufacturers in a nick of a time. These windows are incorporated with especially elevated rain track for rain water to drain out without seeping in that protects your home and loved ones.

Clean Drinking Water: Always ensure that your kids drink filtered clean water to keep them from getting contaminated with diseases such as Cholera or Typhoid and remain hydrated at the same time.

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