Parameters That Define the Quality & Price of Windows and Doors

Over the last 2 decades, uPVC windows and doors have been getting a lot of attention because of their durability and low maintenance. What most of us do not know that not all uPVC windows and doors are of the same quality and hence, choosing the right solution for your home becomes quite a task? There are more than 100 companies that dealers in these windows and doors but most of them import the uPVC profiles from China or Germany ignoring the quality parameters to increase their margins. There are only 2-3 uPVC window manufacturers in India who are manufacturing the product taking Indian climatic conditions into consideration.

The thickness of the uPVC frame is imperative to the general quality and nature of your window and has an enormous impact on uPVC window cost as well. In case the company that you placed an enquiry for such windows suggests that it’s not significant, choose a different company.

The manner in which a UPVC window is assembled is also equally important. Earlier most of the aluminum or wooden windows were assembled by the help of mechanical joints such as screws opens up in few years causing many issues such as dust accumulation, noise pollution and water seepage. Choose uPVC windows and doors that come with fusion-welded joints which give them a proper finish as well as strength to the joints. Premium uPVC windows and doors companies cover these issues under warranty for as long as 10 years.

Another factor of attention is the glass that you are going to use in your uPVC windows. You can choose a glass of thickness 5 mm to 35 mm in these window and door frames based on the site feasibility and application of windows. Now days thermally insulated & noise insulated glasses such as double or triple glazed glasses are a hit since they keep your home chill & peaceful without much efforts. You can opt both these glasses with uPVC windows and doors and your choice of glass will also affect the price of overall windows or door unit.

Constructing a home is quite a challenging task and everyone has a budget plan to stick to. Choosing uPVC windows and doors might sound like an expensive investment at the start but it saves you a great deal of hassle. If you have bought the windows from a premium brand these customized windows will be bought at the site only when they are ready to install and are installed by a technically proficient team of installers. These windows, if installed properly save you around 30% on your electricity bill hence, will pay for themselves in the long run. No painting or polishing, low maintenance and termite & pests free are some of the advantages of choosing uPVC windows and uPVC doors. Best uPVC windows and doors in India do not fade under extreme exposure to the sun and are noise & heatproof.

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