Learn How To Make Your Home Noise Proof?

On one hand urbanization and modernization have bought a lot of convenience in our lives but on the other hand, has also exposed us to issues that never existed before. Noise pollution is one of the issues raised due to modernization that we have to deal with whether we like it or not. Noise is a major problem for people especially those living in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc.

Noise pollution in Delhi has got a lot of attention and more and more people are looking for solutions to make your home noise proof. In recent research, it was noted that noise can enter your home through walls, roofs, windows and doors. Follow the below mentioned steps to make your home acoustically effective:

Ceiling – Opt for false ceilings which can absorb noise and not reflect it. These ceilings are available in different finishes and designs hence can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home along with insulating it against noise.

Windows and doors – As compared to aluminium and wooden windows and doors, choose uPVC windows and doors as they are considered the best for insulation against noise, dust and rain. uPVC windows manufactures in Jaipur specially design this uPVC windows with the multi-chamber structure which doesn’t allow sound waves to pass through.

Glasses – Double glazed glasses are specially designed insulated glasses that have 2 layers of glass separated by a spacer which has an inert gas packed in it creating a vacuum. The intensity of sound reduces when these waves travel from one medium to another i.e solid-gas-solid in this case. Using these double glazed glasses along with uPVC windows and doors ensures maximum insulation.

Furnishing – Use heavier curtains, rugs and cushions for your rooms making it noise absorbing.

I am an interior designer by profession and have applied these tricks in quite a few of my residential projects giving my clients the noise-free environment that they seek and deserve.

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