Is Rising Pollution a real Concern?

Fourteen cities of India have been placed as most polluted cities in twenty most polluted cities in the world. It is an alarming concern over all India as well as other countries across the globe. With the growing awareness a lot of countries have taken steps towards corrective steps. Many cities are warped in several layers of toxic gases like sulphur, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulphide, hydrocarbons, ozone, oxides of carbon, and other oxidants. These plethora gases are detrimental to life. There have been 3.7 million deaths worldwide. To stop this situation from going further downhill several steps will have to be taken.

Paradoxically, India is still lagging behind in the corrective actions related to Industrial pollution. We have to take into account the increasing pollution due to growing urbanization as soon as possible. Among all the polluted cities, The National capital Delhi is performing the worst and is being known as “gas chamber, by the WHO. Many households in India are still dependent on wood or coal for their daily needs which is causing a lot of pollution and this situation demands an urgent attention.

Children and old age dwellers were more likely to develop asthma and acquire infections like tuberculosis if the situation is not taken into control immediately. Bursting of crackers during the Diwali festivities had been another big issue. The Supreme Court order restricted firecrackers to be used for just two hours on Diwali this year, and the difference in the air pollution as well as noise levels was discernible. Heavy convoys of trucks entering Delhi inside, construction activities stand-offish in the air, and coal-based power plants have also been targeted for contributing to high levels of air pollution.

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