Exploring the Possibilities with uPVC Windows and Doors

I have recently constructed my home and like every middle-class man in India ended up spending all my savings. My idea of home was simply a place that keeps me at ease and safe surrounded by my loved and dear ones. I opted for best in class building material but when it came to my windows and doors I was almost clueless about the material that I should use. My previous exposure of windows and doors has always been wooden and hence I know how difficult it gets to use them with the regular maintenance that they require every now and then. So, when I started searching for a substitution I was very conscious about the quality and durability that the product has to offer.

uPVC windows and doors in Delhi are the next big thing in the market and more and more people are choosing it for their homes and commercial spaces. A friend of mine suggested me to opt for uPVC windows and doors since they are known to be low maintenance and durable. To understand the effectiveness of uPVC windows and doors and decided to visit some of the showrooms nearby to my place. I found uPVC windows and uPVC doors to be sturdy but what made me really worried was the fact that it has a major section of glass and to me; it was a huge security concern as my house is an independent unit on the ground floor. Although my society is a gated one but using glasses without the railing seemed like a bad idea at least to me.

On putting up my question forward one of the showroom representatives was kind enough to help me understand how these uPVC windows were way more secure than my traditional wooden with grill ones. These uPVC windows are reinforced with galvanized iron for additional strength and for glasses you can opt for toughened or laminated glasses which has a secure glass film pasted in between the sheets of glasses and do not break easily. He also explained that uPVC doors can opt with multiple locking systems, which can lock just by one handle at 3 different places.

After discussing all the details I was quite satisfied with the product but what I learnt that not all uPVC is of the same quality and it’s very important that you need to choose your uPVC windows and doors from a reputed Indian manufacturer only to get the best out of your windows.

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