8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bhutan

Bhutan is a sovereign nation situated near the extreme eastern parts of the mighty Himalayan ranges. It is geographically situated among the two giants India and China, with these two countrys covering approximately 1100 km of its borders.Bhutan is famous for its stunning landscapes, spicy yet delicious food, legendary ancient temples and fortresses, colorful carnivals and most of all its authenticity.

taktsang goemba

Taktsang Goemba: Taktsang is one of the most significant Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. It is located on a perpendicular cliff 3000m north of Paro.


Happiness: Happiness is the key to Bhutan’s Tourism. Bhutan prides itself on its sustainable method to tourism.Bhutan is the only country to calculate Gross National Happiness as an indicator of its wealth.

Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature: Bhutan is home to several exotic plants and animals. Orchids, blue poppy and rhododendrons thrive in the wild. Takin, the golden langur, the red panda and the black-necked cranes are amongst the rare and endangered animals and birds found in Bhutan.

Mountain trekking

Mountain trekking: Trekking in Bhutan is a difficult task due to rough routes and tall mountains. Bhutan has numerous mountain trek routes which offer a ideal mix of adventure, fun and natural beauty.


Honeymoon Destination: No shopping mall, No crowds … Just you and your partner, explore the ancient monasteries, mountain trails, camp by the river side.A honeymoon vacation spot like no different, Bhutan would shock you each minute of being there.

Pleasant Weather

Pleasant Weather: The higher altitude makes Bhutan a great destination to visit in the summer time. Snow in the winter time attracts a large number of tourists from far and wide. Travel to Bhutan and find out a mesmerizing experience of pleasant weather of the Himalayas.

Religion bhutan

Religion: Bhutanese are extremely religious people, the monasteries that were established hundreds of years back still are visited and worshiped.

bhutan Lifestyle

Simple Lifestyle and Art: It is a pleasure to be with the humble residents of Bhutan. They are very frank and hardworking. They have adopted a simple lifestyle and are grounded in their religion and traditions. The culture of Bhutan is attractive and captivating. Bhutanese are experts in a variety of aspects of art such as textiles, wood carving, sword making, boot making, paintings, sculptures, paper making, bamboo craft, and jewelry.

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