5 Best Countries Where You Can Enjoy the Perks of Being Women


Denmark jumps on the 1st place to be viewed as the Best Country to live in if you want some perks of being women. The government promotes gender equality by offering an earnings-related daytime care system and a parental leave policy that is among the most flexible in the European Union. Its citizens to publically mobilize across multiple arenas; women and men both enjoy admission to normally free medical care, and higher edification is also free.


The Swedish principle is that everyone, regardless of gender, has the right to work and support themselves, to balance career and family life, and to live without the fear of misuse or violence. Gender equality implies not only equal delivery between men and women in all dominions of society. It is also about the qualitative aspects, ensuring that the knowledge and experience of both men and women are used to promote development in all aspects of culture.


Norway earned a perfect score incomplete citizenship and ranks 3rd of 144 countries in the 2017 Global Gender Gap Report. The country has even been called “a harbour for gender equality.” In Norway, women can take 35 weeks of motherhood leave at full pay or 45 weeks at 80 per cent salary. The country is considered one of the greatest gender-equal nations in the world.


The Netherlands has long been a pioneering nation for gender equality; its emancipation policy of 1978 ensured that parental leave, care, power, education,  pay, decision, and salaries remained equal among men and women, and in 2011 they instituted their LGBT and Gender Equality Policy Proposal to legally advocate LGBT and all-inclusive gender equality.


Both men and women show a high contribution in sports in Australia, where life expectancy is high for both genders.


This high-income democracy is a national centre that boasts one of the world’s upper standards of living for women and men, with high rankings in entrepreneurship, citizenship and culture.


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