15 Reasons Why Should Visit To Denmark


Denmark is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Denmark is a small, compact, and a very convenient country to visit. This amazing Nordic country is famous for its sturdy engineering, architecture, food, fashion, art galleries & museums, forts & palaces, and truly world class cities.

Denmark. It’s not only the gladdest country on earth, but its home to the world’s best restaurant/ and cafeteria lots of fairytale cottages along the 7,000 km of coastline. Although it is rather expensive if you compare it to Southeast Asia, the unique history, excellent food and amazing nature certainly makes up for it.

denmark Museums

Amazing Museums and Art Galleries: Denmark is a dream destination for art lovers. The country has several amazing museums and art galleries covering each art movement and ages, starting from the Vikings, to the Danish Golden Age, to the contemporary art movements.

The National Gallery of Denmark provides a marvelous insight into Danish society, culture, and history.

The ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is known for its trendy installation on its rooftop – Your rainbow panorama.

Other key museums of Denmark are Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, and Thorvaldsens Museum.

The Harsh North Sea

The Harsh North Sea: One of the points of pride of Denmark is the North Sea. The landscape is dramatic with endless sand dunes, cliffs and a large number of old German bunkers from World War second. The sea covers the west coastline of Jutland and most popular cities to visit from is: Skagen, Løkken, Tyborøn Hvide Sande and Søndervig.

Smoking: Smoking in public buildings is unlawful. Smoking in restaurants and bars is also unlawful, although some places do have permission for the visitors to smoke (smaller places).


The Food Is Fresh: The Danish love good food and most will spend the money to nourish their bodies on a base daily. The markets are full of freshly baked bread, which many Danes eat each day.

They eat lots of fish and salmon, plus the fruit and vegetables here are seasonal and tasty. The Torvehallerne food markets are fantastic for discovering local food and you can search it in Copenhagen. There are over 60 stalls here selling the best ingredients and dishes around.

Fashion Trends and Shopping

Fashion Trends and Shopping: Catch the latest Scandinavian fashion trends in Denmark. The Danish fashion scene is fast growing with new brands and designers joining the ever-increasing list. Shopping in Denmark is an equally rewarding experience as the country is famous for its quality products and wonderful designs. Some of the key places to shop in Copenhagen are Bredgade, famous for its antiques, art, and furniture.

Impressive Design: Emerging in the early 20th century, the Scandinavian design movement is informed by minimalism and functionality. From the fantastical rooms at the Treehotel in Swedish Lapland, to the bright Cogwheel in Gothenburg, it’s an architectural wonderland.


Inspired Cuisine

Inspired Cuisine: There’s so much more to food in Scandinavia than just Swedish meatballs and chocolate (although both of those are still delicious!). Scandinavia is the birthplace of New Nordic Cuisine. The movement was founded by a group of chefs in Copenhagen in 2004 and emphasises fresh, local and seasonal produce. Many of the top restaurants have introduced delightful menus which feature innovative takes on traditional dishes.

Everybody Speaks Perfect English: Unlike other countries where you will have to make an effort to speak to locals in their language you’ll find most Danes speak better English than you do yourself!


Beautiful City Copenhagen: Copenhagen is one of the most livable cities in the world, bicycle use is quite common in this small city, and it is almost as close to walking distance as everywhere.

Historical Face: You do not have to be history buffs or a Viking enthusiast to discover the rich and ancient history of Denmark. Visiting the streets of Danish towns and cities, seeing historical buildings, visiting monuments will leave you with history. Besides these, you can stay in Viking camps, see the animated version of the battles and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Peace: According to the Global Peace Index, Denmark is the most peaceful country in the world after Iceland. You can hike in its magnificent nature, cycling on popular bicycle routes.

Beautiful Women: Danish women are among the most beautiful women in the world. Scarlett Johansson, who is shown as one of the most beautiful women in the world, is Danish-born.

Culture Vulture: Art museums, zoos, concerts, festivals and film screenings – there are so many ways for young and old to enjoy Denmark. Throw Logeland and Tivoli into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for some unforgettable memories.

Beaches Beyond Belief: The white, sandy beaches of the West Coast and the cool Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen offer stunning sandy landscapes. Faultless for some headspace.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles: Trains on time, lovely, clean airports and so much obtainable public transport makes it extremely easy to move around in the big cities. Hop aboard a train to the countryside or jump on a free city bike and discover.

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